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requests open; thank you for 50+ watchers!

Thank you for 50+ watchers! =)


redeternity90, chocoshins, and I (amayasuki) will be accepting up to SEVEN icon requests each.

o1 : provide information about the fandom, image url (please try to keep it HQ), color reference (if it's a manga panel you wish for us to colour), and any specifications (e.g. panel / character preference) using the coding below.
o2 : reservations are ok =)
o3 : please be patient with us; we'll make your icons as soon as we can!
o4 : it's up to you if you want your icon to be shareable or not; just let us know, and we'll accommodate.
o5 : we'll allow people to request icons (please make sure they're different) from more than one icon maker (example: request icon A from maker B and icon C from maker D), but please be considerate of others, since each icon maker is limiting requests to 7.

(The data below may not be up to date, so please check for yourself as well to see how many requests each icon maker has had before you.)
amayasuki : 7/7 → as of Aug 27, 5:20 pm ET
redeternity90 : 7/7 → as of Aug 29, 6:00 pm ET
chocoshins : 5/7 → as of Sept 03, 9:00 pm ET

=) If you aren't sure who you'd like to make your icon, you can always check previous entries in this community to suit your icon.
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