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Where are the icons?

Dear watchers of xarnation,

As some of you may have noticed, there has been a lack of activity here on xarnation.

It is with sadness that chocoshins, redeternity90, and I (amayasuki) are here to inform you that, as fellow makers for this community, we have agreed to disband due to staggering differences in icon style.

As such, the three of us have created our own separate graphics journal/communities. In alphabetical order:

amayasuki can now be found at → aerylia ... watch?
chocoshins can now be found at → kaizergun ... watch? has now joined icondoms
redeternity90 can now be found at → instrumentalist ... watch?

Please feel free to watch any one of us at our new respective graphics journal/comms, as we will no longer be updating this community. However, it will remain open, and our posts will not be deleted.

:) We extend our deepest gratitude for your interest in our icons and in xarnation these past few months, and we hope that this disbandment does not cause any trouble for you guys. Thanks for reading, and for watching and supporting xarnation!

&hearts Wishing you all the best,
amayasuki, chocoshins, & redeternity90
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